Ease my pain

Ease my pain

For you, it’s 5 euro. For me – a life of dignity.

Will you help me?

  • Volunteering


    Volunteer with the “Wstań bez bólu” Foundation and let’s make a difference in the lives of senior citizens together. We need support in transporting our clients to hospitals and clinics for medication administration as well as in other organizational matters.

  • Financial support

    Financial support

    Donate a few zloty to a poor senior’s virtual piggy bank and help them get up without pain. We raise funds to purchase medications that will be donated to the hospitals and clinics that work with us to support our clients in their treatment.

How we help

Stuck in their beds, lonely, on painkillers 24/7. On the margin of society. This is the everyday life of many poor seniors who suffer from hip or knee osteoarthritis. Pain and being surrounded by nothing but four walls is their reality – often the only reality they have known for years.

Together, we can change it.

At the “Wstań bez bólu” Foundation, we raise money to fund hip and knee osteoarthritis treatment for senior citizens in need.

Working with hospitals and outpatient clinics, we help our clients-patients go through the entire treatment process from A to Z: from helping them make an appointment through transporting them to the facility to have the necessary medical devices administered by doctors to taking them back home.

Older people don’t take up treatment because the 1,200 zloty of their pension is barely enough to survive. The price of a 1-dose specialist treatment costs as much as 1,350 zloty, a 3-dose hyaluronic acid treatment costs 750 zloty, and severe cases of degeneration require a procedure that costs 2,000 zloty.

In the case of poor seniors, these are huge amounts of money. Yet, it’s often their only chance to relieve pain, become independent again, and get their social life back.

Your help can make it happen.

How we help


Bank account number: 34 1020 1127 0000 1702 0352 2380

  • About the Foundation

    We help those others have forgotten

    The “Wstań bez bólu” (“Stand up without Pain”) Foundation came to being out of a need to help elderly, ailing people aged 65+, who suffer from hip and knee arthritis but cannot afford to take advantage of specialist treatment.

    They are lonely people, who have been forgotten not only by their families but also by the healthcare system and the state. The Foundation’s goal is to fund their treatment, thus relieving them of the pain they face every day.

    The NHF usually does not reimburse the treatment procedure. And if it does, it’s only to a very small extent. These funds are not even enough to buy the necessary medicinal products.

  • Feeling alive again
  • Feeling alive again

    Hip and knee degeneration causes pain that makes it difficult or even impossible for seniors to move. As a result, they are excluded from social life and become confined within four walls. Illness is not the only problem, though. There is also the matter of loneliness.

    Treatment gives those people a chance to ease their pain, regain their independence, and become part of society again. Today, more than 60% of our population suffers from knee or hip arthritis to a greater or smaller extent.

    Those elderly senior citizens in need are or may be people you know: your grandma, your mom, your next door neighbour.

    Wait no longer. Help them now.