Howe do we help?

We provide indigent seniors with hip and knee osteoarthritis with financial support to enable them to receive treatment they cannot afford on their own. We help them ease the pain, get back on their feet, regain independence, and become part of society again.

Seniors standing up without pain with your and our help

At the “Wstań bez bólu” Foundation, we raise money to fund hip and knee osteoarthritis treatment for senior citizens in need.

Working with hospitals and outpatient clinics, we help our clients-patients go through the entire treatment process from A to Z: from helping them make an appointment through transporting them to the facility to have the necessary medical devices administered by doctors to taking them back home.

Older people don’t take up treatment because the 1,200 zloty of their pension is barely enough to survive. The price of a 1-dose specialist treatment costs as much as 1,350 zloty, a 3-dose hyaluronic acid treatment costs 750 zloty, and severe cases of degeneration require a procedure that costs 2,000 zloty.

In the case of poor seniors, these are huge amounts of money. Yet, it’s often their only chance to relieve pain, become independent again, and get their social life back.

Your help can make it happen.

It’s enough if you donate as little as 5 zloty per month and if we find more people like you. : )

How do we operate?

  1. With the funds raised, we purchase medical devices needed to treat hip and knee arthritis.
  2. We supply medical devices to the hospitals and clinics we cooperate with – with the indication of a specific person (Foundation’s client) for whom these devices are intended.
  3. We arrange a free medical consultation with the client at one of the facilities we work with. At the consultation, the orthopaedist decides which variant of treatment the patient should undergo (injection of hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma, or perhaps stem cells).
  4. Our client goes to the chosen facility – on their own or with our help, and the doctor performs the chosen procedure.
  5. We keep in touch with our client, monitoring their condition and the results of the treatment.