“Wstań bez bólu” Foundation

We help those others have forgotten

The “Wstań bez bólu” (“Stand up without Pain”) Foundation came to being out of a need to help elderly, ailing people aged 65+, who suffer from hip and knee arthritis but cannot afford to take advantage of specialist treatment.

They are lonely people, who have been forgotten not only by their families but also by the healthcare system and the state. The Foundation’s goal is to fund their treatment, thus relieving them of the pain they face every day.

The NHF usually does not reimburse the treatment procedure. And if it does, it’s only to a very small extent. These funds are not even enough to buy the necessary medicinal products. The price of a 1-dose specialist treatment costs as much as 1,350 zloty, a 3-dose hyaluronic acid treatment costs 750 zloty, and more complex cases require a more expensive procedure that costs 2,000 zloty. They can also be performed at commercial facilities, but our poor clients cannot afford it. They constantly take painkillers that weaken their bodies. Also, because of their age or medical condition, they cannot undergo endoprosthetic surgery on the affected joints.
Biological treatment is the only way for them to ease their pain. A relief they can’t afford on their own. That’s why we want to help them – and ask you to join us in our efforts.